Used in both residential and commercial applications, Lite Form concrete walls forms provide the most efficient systems of designing and building using concrete. Lite form uses rigid polystyrene insulation as forms for concrete, tying the two-inch thick styrofoam together with spacer ties for in-wall alignment and bracing. These ties are placed every 8 inches in the styrofoam insulation, and can be formed into a virtually any shape.

Cost Effective

Lite-Form concrete forms can be constructed into any shape, even shapes that would typically demand specialized equipment or forms. Using simple hand tools, dimensional lumber and common hardware, even the do-it-yourselfer is able to create a complex basement or an entire building with very little supervision.

Energy Efficiency

Lite form is used in both above and below grade construction. One of the most common applications of lite form construction is high efficiency basements on existing homes.

Lite form is also very popular in new construction of basements, and has been used in the building of entire homes.

The solid concrete walls provide excellent insulation, often values of R-30 or greater are achieved with the Lite-Form system. Heating and cooling bills can be cut up to 50% or more, when compared to framed wall buildings.

"We added 2,000 square feet and upgraded the insulation in our existing building. Our utility bills are no higher than before we added on."

E.B. Baker
Nebraska Plumbing & Heating Contractor

Stronger Concrete

The strength of concrete is achieved through hydration. The chemical reaction begins as soon as the cement and water are combined, and the reaction stops when the moisture of the concrete is removed by evaporation. Using typical forms, concrete would achieve 100% of its design strength if the forms are kept in place for 28 days, but most forms are removed 2 to 5 days after the concrete is poured. Because Lite-Forms are permanent, the concrete is allowed to fully hydrate, producing concrete that is actually 25-50% greater than its design strength.

Fire Resistance

The typical 3-hour fire rating is a comforting benefit, for your piece of mind and also for lower insurance premiums.

Environmentally Friendly

The Lite-Form polystyrene sheets are CFC-free. Because no chloro-flourocarbons are used in the manufacturing of the polystyrene, there is no adverse effect on the environment.

Dry Basement and Safe Construction

With all lite-form basements or houses, Donlin Building recommends Form-a-DrainĀ® drain tile be installed in all construction. The purpose of Form-a-Drain is three fold. First, Form-a-Drain provides precise finished foundation footings for a lite-form foundation. Second, Form-a-Drain acts as a foundation draintile on both sides of the footing. The Form-a-Drain lineal sections allow water to enter into channels which are then channeled to a sealed sump basin. As an third benefit, Form-a-Drain also allows for an effective radon evacuation system. With simple modifications, Form-a-drain forms a complete loop around the foundation, in conformance with EPA standards for Radon Control in New Residential Construction.
See the cross sectional drawing of recommended construction practices showing the Form-A-Drain System and free flowing backfill that Donlin Building recommends for ALL Lite-Form construction.


The lite-form walls easily resist winds of 100 mph+. Below grade, the solid concrete foundation resist buckling and cracking nearly 5 times better then hollow concrete block foundations. See the Safe Room page, for specifications and details for construction of a safe room for your home or business.

Less Lumber Used

Because this system allows customers to attach sheetrock directly to the plastic spacers, there is less lumber used in the interior framing and finishing of the building, again saving our natural resources.