Lite-Form concrete
Lite-Form concrete

Brock Grain Bins

Brock Grain and Feed Systems has a world-wide reputation for providing reliable on-farm and long term commercial storage solutions. Brock bins provide dependable secure storage season after season. Whether your storage consists of a couple of bins with an auger or a row of bins with an integrated loading and unloading system, Brock Bins are the right choice for the job.

Grain Bin Accessories

  • Complete line of aeration and drying systems to meet any need.

  • Complete line of high performance fans and heaters for all in-bin grain drying and conditioning.

  • Fans and heaters are engineered for high efficiency and manufactured using galvanized steel and designed to deliver maximum air performance under various static pressures.

  • In-bin drying equipment includes Stirators, Grain Flow in-bin continuous drying system, pneumatic grain conveying system, powersweep unloading systems.

  • Roof stairs and ladders, roof safety rings, handrails. Inside ladders, outside ladders, ladder cages, landing platforms, circular stairs.

  • Brock's LATCH-LOCK Walk-in door has a one-piece outer door that opens wide to latch securely against the side of the bin.

  • The four interlocking inner panels open in sequence from top to bottom with a simple lift of the patented latches. No tools required.

  • Service from planning to installation....and beyond.


  • Sizes ranging from 15' diameter to 105' diameter with capacities from 1467 bushels to 682,789 bushels.

  • Bin roof load capacity ranges from 2000 pounds to 10,000 pounds depending on bin diameter.

  • Roof top center collar is large to accommodate all types of filling devices.

  • Roof manhole opening is large and features a hinged cover for easy access and ventilation.

  • Bin assembly bolts are corrosion-resistant with weather-seal washers.

  • Bin anchor system securely fastens bin to foundation and is designed to withstand winds up to 90 MPH.